What is eco leather: the Full Story

Eco-leather, or artificial leather. It is a synthetic alternative to traditional leather made from animals. It’s a more sustainable and animal-friendly option, often made from materials like recycled plastic, cork, or pineapple leaves. Eco-leather offers similar durability and aesthetic appeal to traditional leather, without harming animals or the environment.

Wear leather with responsibility

It’s not a secret that we all are in love with leather. It’s soft, luxurious elegant, and fashionable, yet extremely robust. There’s a reason why humans have been relying on leather to decorate our lives for many centuries. It’s perfection. However, the price on the earth and also the way in which leather is transformed into the material it is aren’t flawless. As our society becomes more conscious of the environment and focused on living sustainably we’ve begun to limit our consumption and production choices to protect the planet we cherish. Leather is no exception, which is why eco-leather is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly answer to traditional animal leather.

Is LEATHER Eco friendly exist?

What exactly is eco-leather? In simple terms, it is any alternative to leather that is not derived directly from animals. The majority of eco-leather is plants or vinyl. As per some sources, it could also include the skin of animals
in the event that it’s dyed and tanned using vegetal-based substances instead of harmful chemicals. Are leathers eco-friendly? A few leather enthusiasts insist that genuine leather isn’t eco-friendly as cows do not just release that they emit a lot of CO2, but also that for the major part, cattle raising is done in unsavory ways. (Did you know that one piece of footwear made from leather can cost the air around us 10kg of C02? This may not seem like much however when you consider all the feet that walk on the earth, those numbers continue on and on.


The purest kind of eco-leather is made of vegan materials that resemble the look and feel of genuine leather. Two of the most sought-after is PVC also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, (which you may recognize from the garage of your dad’s) as well as PU also known as Polyurethane. PVC is created from an inner layer of leather fabric, then covered by a foam layer then a skin layer and then, finally, it is completed with a plastic surface coating. While PU is fabricated using other eco-friendly, sustainable materials, like bio-polyoil to provide a comfortable and durable substitute for real leather. PU is able to wrinkle and feel similar to natural leather. 

Additionally, PU uses no plastics and doesn’t produce dioxins, making it one of the most eco-friendly forms of eco-leather. Apart from the environmental benefits of PU it is hard to be beaten for how soft, soft and durable it is. The majority of consumers don’t know the distinction between PU and leather on first contact. It’s wearable, luxurious and completely guilt-free.

3 alternative choices are available PVC,PU and Pinatex

It’s difficult to decide from PVC or PU however, it all depends on what you want in your leather goods. PVC has a multi-layered structure that makes it far more robust in comparison to PU leather. (PVC is often used to make upholstery as well as other leather items which are susceptible to scratches and staining.) It is softer with a natural , supple feel which resembles animal skin. If you’re looking for the perfect leather backpack that is soft and buttery, or an eye-catching design piece, then PU eco leather is the best choice for you.

Another less well-known, and more wild, type made of ecological leather is Pinatex. This leather made from vegan ingredients is made from leftover pineapple. Which is essentially the slicings from the skins of pineapple plants. These are then coated, and then reused. Pinatex was first developed in the Philippines and has gained popularity in the past few years, and has is now a part of the world eco-friendly fashion world.

What is the lifespan of ECO LEATHER ?

If you’re shopping for eco-leather you should be sure to believe the brand. It’s essential to study all the details of the product .To make certain that the bag or shoes you buy are eco-friendly 100%. Many buyers are concerned that eco-leather will not be as durable like genuine cow leather but the truth is eco-leather is more resistant to break peel stain or fade from ultraviolet light,So there is an urgent question :How Long Does ECO LEATHER Last?.

Since there aren’t any plastics in PU eco-leather it will not have that hard. Brittle sensation that plastics often get after exposure for long periods of time to elements. Maintenance is easier for PU than animal leather. Most eco-leather materials can be cleaned with just a cloth and warm water. However animal leather is prone to break down over time because moisture is retained in the leather.

The bottom line is that there’s a reason why eco-leather overtakes its four-legged counterpart. In terms of durability, comfort, and environmental sustainability. It’s not that we say you should throw away every piece of leather you have that’s in your closet at the moment, (who doesn’t appreciate some stunning old-fashioned leather?) However, before you shop for the perfect motorcycle jacket or vegan clothing look into eco-leather. Your wardrobe along with Mother Earth will thank you for it.

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